Pet Care is my passion!

Your precious pet's comfort and safety is my highest priority. I provide experienced and loving care that puts your mind at ease and keep's your pets happy. If you work long hours, travel, are a busy parent, can't quite meet the energy needs of your dog or just simply want what is best for them, I'm here to help! I love making new furry friends and take great pride in helping you with all your pet care needs. Whether it's a quick home visit, dog walks throughout the day, a nature hike for enrichment, almost overnights or transportation, I'm here to help! I have experience with all sizes, breeds, and temperaments of dogs. I do all of my care from YOUR home because I know your pets are happiest there, with familiar food, beds, surroundings and scents. I also provide pet care for Asheville visitors staying at a pet friendly hotel or B&B.


Dog Walking

All dogs are leashed at all times and I have experience handling one dog or multiple dogs. Every dog's activity level, health, age, and physical requirements are different and I understand that. Whether your dog needs a daily walk, a hike or just a backyard break, I have a variety of options to meet their needs.

**All times are approximate

**Prices are for up to 2 dogs, who are trained to walk together, $5 per additional pet

**Holiday surcharges apply

**I use my discretion if weather is inclement, however I will complete the visit inside if the walk must be cut short

2-3 hour adventure $75

4-5 hour adventure $120

My version of decompression walks. I pick your dog up at your home and take them on an adventure designed for them. It may be hiking, going to a swimming hole, park or new neighborhood. I build in time for every dog to sniff, explore at their pace and problem solve. These are great for high energy dogs, dogs who are stressed, nervous or reactive and need more confidence, or dogs who are social with other dogs. Decompression walks have been shown to improve behavior by reducing stress and anxiety and building confidence. I have personally noticed improvements in dogs confidence when they regularly participate in enrichment walks.

30-40 minutes in length $30

45-60 minutes in length $50

The goal of this walk is to provide your dog with some much needed exercise. Physical exercise is great for dogs! In addition to helping them maintain a healthy weight, exercise walks can provide several health benefits for your dog including helping to maintain joint function, pain control for some degenerative diseases, improved cardiovascular health, prevention of muscle degeneration and can burn off excess energy. Dogs who are regularly exercised have less excess energy, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, and may be less prone to boredom (and some of the destructive behaviors that can accompany boredom).

Enrichment Walk

Exercise Walk 

Training Walk 

45-60 minutes in length $65

During our Training Walks, I ask a dog to only walk on one side of me, to walk with a loose leash or to adhere to specific rules and parameters while walking. Training walks provide the benefit of dogs using their brains while getting exercise, the focus is on the dog following a set of rules or guidelines that the owner and I have defined.

Elimination Walk

15-25 minutes in length $20

This one tends to speak for itself; it’s similar to a typical potty break or drop-in visit. The walks are shorter with the goal of allowing your dog to relieve themselves. These breaks can include letting the dog out into your fenced-in yard, a short, leashed walk, playtime and cuddles.


Care is provided in your home to minimize stress and anxiety for your pet, as well as help maintain their routine. Cost includes a walk, feeding, refreshing water, potty breaks, play, snuggles and regular updates to the owner. Prices are for two pets, $5 per additional pets.

In-Home Pet Sitting

Almost Overnights


A two hour visit in the evening that includes a walk, dinner and play time for your pet! I get them snuggled in before leaving for the night. I return in the morning for an hour visit that includes a walk, feeding and play time. I spend the entire visit focused on your pet and their comfort.  Each visit is followed up with a report card! 

Hourly Pet Care


2 hour minimum. Call for price if looking for more than 6 hours

Sometimes, what your pet needs is a little TLC at home. Hourly in home care is a great option for ill pets, pets recovering from injury or pets needing additional time with a pet sitter, but not requiring full overnight care. 


Pet Transportation

$25 under 20 miles, add $1 per extra mile

Whether your pet needs to be picked up/dropped off at day care, taken to an appointment (for example to the groomer or the vet), I’m here to help! All dogs are secured in the vehicle when transporting with either a seatbelt harness or a crate.

Supplies Pick-up

$25/hour plus the cost of supplies

When you're busy, it can be easy to overlook items like additional food, medications, or other supplies. When that happens, I will get the supplies for you! Cost includes time only, client will also be billed for supplies at cost.


Wedding Services


Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and you want it perfect. For many couples that means having their dogs with them! I can help make this part of your special day perfect. I’ll pick up your pet(s) and bring them to the venue for you. I’ll provide care and handling of your pet and will return them home when done. I will also come dressed in appropriate attire for a wedding. A complimentary assessment is required before scheduling this.


While you are away, let me stop by and check on your home. I’ll bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on/off and will monitor your home for potential problems or issues.

One Visit Per Day

Home Sitting (No Pets)


I will stop by daily to ensure there are no concerns that need to be addressed, bring in mail and water plants as needed. Visits typically last 10-20 minutes, but I will stay as long as needed to complete tasks.

Morning and Evening Visit


In addition to the services listed above, I will turn on lights in the evening and will turn them off in the morning. 


All cat visits include litter box cleaning, fresh water, food and playtime.

Cognitive engagement is a focus for these visits, in addition to giving the kitty lots of love and attention. 

Cat Sitting

Short Visit

15 minutes $20

Standard Visit

25 minutes $30

Long Visit

60 minutes $45

Why Choose Me?

  • I’ll provide a safe, healthy, loving and fun environment for all the dogs I have the privilege of working with.

  • I am honest and transparent with my clients so that the dogs best interest is always at the forefront.

  • I communicate with you daily, via text/email/phone and even photos and videos.

  • I'm dedicated to providing the highest quality service for you and your pets.

  • I always have great communication and always willing to go above and beyond for my clients.

  • I am 1st Aid/CPR certified, helping to keep your pets safe and secure.

  • You can rest assured knowing your best friend is in the best hands!

  • Customer Reviews! See my partial list of testimonials here.